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Pioneer Chinese Apricot tree description

Pioneer Chinese Apricot is a later blooming variety. Fruit is sweet and firm with juicy flesh. Golden yellow fruits have a reddish blush and are sweet, firm and juicy! Trees bear young and heavily. Called a “sweet pit apricot” as its pit is edible and tastes of almond. Pioneer Chinese Apricot is self-fertile although yields improve with cross-pollination.

Zone 4-8. A late blooming apricot ideal for higher elevations and climates prone to late spring frosts. Trees bear young with a heavy crop. Fruit is Golden-yellow with a reddish blush and is sweet, firm and juicy. Called a “sweet pit apricot” as the pit is edible with the taste of almond. Self-fertile, however yields improve with cross pollination.

Available in Standard only.

Pioneer Chinese apricot tree

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